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Worked as contractor for 3 months in the SEO department, where they mismanaged me by the following:

1) Not allowing me to fix my mistakes - My supervisor waited until my review to bring up all the "damage" my mistakes had caused, and how these incidents were proof of my inability to do the job.

2) Excluding me from the weekly SEO team meetings - Also during my review, my supervisor noted how I should have gotten accustomed to the processes of the SEO team and of the company in general... Really? How can I do that when you don't invite me to the team meetings?

3) Letting me go the DAY OF my review, despite, A) me asking a month in advance if there was anything I could be doing differently to help the company succeed, and, B) me asking two weeks in advance if I should be looking for another job.

Review about: Ex Employee Experience.



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